Michael Boatwright woke up with five tennis rackets and no memory of being himself. Instead, when he woke up in a hospital after being found unconscious, he insisted that his name was Johan Ek and that he lived in Sweden. And he spoke Swedish.

We've heard of cases like this before and its all nothing short of bizarre.

Via CNN:
He didn't recall serving in the U.S. Navy. Or of being born in Florida.

...When they showed him photos of himself with others, he didn't recognize them, or himself.

And he didn't speak a word of English.

The man said his name was Johan Ek.

And he said it in Swedish.

That was back in February.

Today, the 61-year-old man says he has come to terms with the name "Michael Boatwright," but only because doctors told him he should.

He still feels like Johan Ek from Sweden.

And he can't explain why.

Either that's some hyper amnesia we're talking about, or a man who just wants to get away and start anew. He's decided to permanently relocate to Sweden. What do you think?