Here are the Coffeys. They are Aussie sibblings who live to surf. Gold Coasters are calling them "Australia's Kardashians". But unlike the Kardashians, they are too busy surfing to be in a TV show. Also, they're one heck of a good looking family.

Here they are:

All their sibblings are on Instagram.

Eldest siblings Ellie-Jean and Holly-Sue have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

They really know how to get the likes on social media:

It doesn't hurt that they're also pretty damn hot:

The Coffeys have always been photogenic since young:

They've been traveling from one surfing contest to another for 10 years.

They live in Gold Coast now.

Most of the time, Ellie-Jean and Holly-Sue are in bikinis.

All the time actually.

Jackson, is the only son, and he's a pretty good surfer too:

Little sister, Ruby-Lee loves the water as well.

She's also a surf champion.

She'll probably be better than her sisters.

Bonnie-Lou, the youngest, 11, has 14,000 Instagram followers:

They've been living like nomads for 10 years, and they have a six year family sponsorship from Billabong.

Seeing them live such a carefree life makes you kinda jealous.

Because why wouldn't you want to live life like this?