See this banner? It's from a new site where spurned spouses can publicly shame "the other woman" who they believe ruined their marriage.

The site appears to have been founded by a woman named Ariella Alexander, who has her own personal blog that chronicles an ongoing complicated saga involving her husband John and the woman he cheated with. Judging by her posts, it doesn't take much to see just how super fucked up this woman is, emotionally, from getting cheated on.

Users can submit photos of "bitches" who boyfriends and husbands cheated on them with. Every post also contains the full name of the alleged mistress, which are all tweeted out as posts with their name and location. Commenters can also help by supplying further detail about the women they all hate.

And apparently, this is all perfectly legal. As the site's disclaimer reads: "...all posts and comments on represent the opinions of the original poster and are not endorsed, approved or representations of the opinions of or its owners."

So what's the big deal about the site? How about the fact that it depicts the worst side of humanity? The entire reason this site exists is to further shame these mistresses by posting their addresses and phone numbers so they can be further harassed. And we all know that cyberbullying never solves anything.

That being said, the only thing this site is good for is that it gives emotionally unstable women a place to vent about their husband's infidelity. We understand how cathartic this pack mentality can be, but pinning all the blame on "the other woman" can't possibly be healthy. Despite all the horrible stories, you can't help but feel like the partners who cheated have gotten away easy, while the alleged mistress has to bear the wrath of the Internet.