Someone is getting whipped in the bedroom in Rihanna and Drake's relationship because when she and Drake hit the sex shop in Ottawa, Canada, she left with more than just handcuffs. According to sources:

Sexy rocker RIHANNA turned the kinky portrayal of sadomasochist sex on her chart-topping “S&M” into reality, whispers My Canuck Spy – who spotted Star Vixen hand-in-hand with old flame DRAKE at Wicked Wanda’s Adult Emporium in Ottawa, where she cracked whips and other xxx stuff, then spent $1,000-plu$ on handcuffs, a riding crop/whip, bustier, pasties, boots, edible undies, collar and leash, spandex hood and…a chocolate penis!

Said the salesbabe: “Have fun.”

Purred Rihanna: “I always do!”

Rihanna's shopping list could really be ideas for a video or shoot, but if you're shopping without your staff surely it means...... Oh well. She could just be one really kinky gal trying to unleash her inner S&M dreams.
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