If you're British, then a "John Lewis Christmas ad" will excite you. The arrival of the department store chain's annual Christmas commercial marks the unofficial beginning of the holiday season.

Their ads, are also usually epic. They put the viewer through an impressive visual experience and emotional rollercoaster that usually leaves people watching it choking with tears.

The latest one was even given a premier in London's West End. Remember, this is just an ad.

But before that, just  watch Lewis's 2011 ad, and try not crying. The ad is set to a counter-intuitive tale of a selfish young boy counting down to the days to Christmas, set to mournful song by The Smiths.

In the 2012 ad, they showed a snowman's grueling, lonely journey to give his snow-girlfriend a gift of a pair of red gloves.

To some, it sounds unlikely touching, but to the Brits, they'll be weeping in front of their desks for the next few days after watching the latest one.

Lewis hired Disney animators who took six months to make the ad, an animated feature that shows a bear and a hare wordlessly weathering a winter in the woods set to a terrifically sad song by Lily Allen. You'll have to watch the rest of it below: