Mariah Carey is premiering "The Art of Letting Go" at a listening party on Facebook. Carey had dislocated her shoulder, experienced nerve damage and fractured a rib in July at a video shoot for "#Beautiful", requiring her to wear arm slings until now.

Despite still recovering, Carey is ready to debut "The Art of Letting Go" song at 11 a.m. ET on Monday to her 14 million Facebook fans. The listening party will include a Q&A.

"Facebook is global, and I always have to keep in mind that my fans are all over the world," Carey emphasizes. "I wanted to make sure everybody was able to hear the song at the same time. To interact with the fans while they're listening to the song for the first time, it makes me happy. I like to see what my true fans are feeling. ... And I know this is a song that is from my heart, completely. It's a real moment for me, dahhhling."
Check it out!