If you spend a decent amount of time on the internet, cryptocurrency is likely something that you’ve heard of by now. However, that doesn’t have to be the only way that you’ve encountered this new aspect of the financial world. As it has risen in popularity, more and more has been heard about cryptocurrency in mainstream settings, meaning that you might have heard something about it from those who don’t spend a lot of time online.

Still, if you consider yourself to be interested, how do you begin? Where do you go, and which one is right for you? The latter question is especially significant, with so many options to choose from.


Even if you’ve never heard of dogecoin in your life, you might have some familiarity with the brand through exposure to online memes. The famous doge meme that has become intertwined with the iconography of this form of cryptocurrency might be an older one by the standards of the internet, but its prevalence can still be felt today – perhaps something that has been exacerbated through the exposure Dogecoin has given it. 

While it might be tempting to dismiss Dogecoin as simply being a joke (and indeed that might be what the original developers had in mind), it has since grown far beyond that into being a legitimate brand that is featured as far as on the Watford FC kit. So, if this piques your interest, you might consider researching the dogecoin live price index.


Alternatively, you might feel more familiar with this example, which could be what immediately jumps to your mind when you think of the term ‘cryptocurrency’. Due to this widespread prevalence within the financial field, you might feel comfortable with this as a starting point, but that prevalence doesn’t mean that this is automatically a safer or superior bet to its peers, and it’s worth conducting a wealth of research into the ways that Bitcoin is both superior and inferior to the other options on display. 

One of the most noteworthy things about Bitcoin might well be its value, which despite obvious amounts of fluctuation, is high enough to be both daunting and of potential interest. 


While Bitcoin and Dogecoin might have elements that make them more accessible from an outside perspective (their fame and connection to memes respectively), digging in deeper might risk losing some of these connections, but could potentially lead you to a solution that’s right for you. Ethereum is one example of this, and instead of having a connection to something in the more familiar realm of things, digs deeper into the online sphere. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are also something that you might have heard of recently, but their presence and attention within popular culture are much newer than that of cryptocurrency, and you might find that the influence of NFTs is significantly smaller as a result. That being said, if they interest you, you might find certain cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, that can help to bridge that gap.