If in the last period there is a little voice in your head that keeps repeating "I can't study!", take 5 minutes and read this article: it could save your university career.

Reasons You Can’t Study

1. You have doubts about your university choice. If you even suspect that you have taken the wrong path, that is enough for your brain to close the "shutter" and deprive you of the slightest enthusiasm for studying.
2. You have problems in your personal sphere. An accident, a death in the family, a health problem, or the end of a relationship: are all examples of events that can lead us to take our attention away from the university.
3. You fell behind with your exams. Maybe it was the fault of that unexpected rejection or that "brick" exam impossible to pass. It does not matter, when the back exams start to accumulate, a vicious circle is triggered: the more exams we have to recover and the less we want to prepare for them.
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4. You don't have an effective study method. It's hard to be super-motivated in college when it takes forever to prepare for an exam and then maybe pass it with a measly 20 or, worse, fails. This is perhaps the best-known cause of the famous “I can't study anymore!”.
3 Simple Strategies To Put Into Practice When You Can't Study

"Today is just an ordinary day of all the days to come, but what you will do in all the days to come depends on what you do today". Ernest Hemingway.

Understanding and addressing the root causes behind our lack of motivation in studying is the first thing to do. Continuing to ignore it in the hope that one day these causes will emerge and resolve themselves is however paradoxical!

Here are 3 simple strategies that you can test immediately to unlock yourself and regain the desire to study. And, if you don’t have the desire to do some type of assignment, like writing an essay, there are a lot of websites to write essays online, and you can use them to solve your problems. 

Redesign Your Study Environment

Today we all live in two environments: a physical environment and a virtual environment. These two environments can profoundly affect our ability to concentrate. There are in fact physical (and virtual) environments full of distractions and environments that facilitate study. If you are unable to study, intervening first in your "environment" is certainly a good starting point.

Here's how to do it:

Apply the vacuum strategy. The vacuum strategy is by far one of the best anti-postponement strategies and it basically consists in giving you the conditions to do what you have to do or do nothing. As for the students, applying the vacuum strategy means studying in an environment where either we stand on top of the books or we can't do anything else: no TV, no PlayStation, no internet, no smartphone, no distractions. An example? The good old libraries.

Use a blocking app. If you still prefer to study at home, but you are easily distracted by a computer or smartphone, install a blocking app, or an application that is able to block internet traffic, or only specific sites, at set times. We would also like to share with you a website https://www.writemyessays.org/ , which a lot of students find useful while doing their assignments. 

Give Your Sessions A Precise Rhythm Over The Books

For those who do not know the Pomodoro Technique yet: first, you study 25 minutes without distractions and then you take a 5-minute break. That's it. Here, when you are unable to study, applying a technique like that of the tomato can really revolutionize your study sessions.

In this article, however, we want to give you an extra treat. In fact, there are hundreds of apps to apply the Pomodoro technique, but there is one that you will fall in love with after the first use. We are talking about Forest. Try it yourself and you’ll see why it’s so good. Also, if you have some additional time, read this article to be equipped with a few more useful tips - 8 Tips for Writing a Killer College Essay.

Bet On Yourself

Finally, if, despite everything, you still can't study, then it's time to use the ultimate weapon.

Give yourself a specific study goal every day. At the end of the article on the tomato technique I propose, for example, the # 240Pomodori bet.

Bet with a friend that you will be able to complete this study goal within a set time (for example the next exam date). Give your friend the bet money. If you accomplish your goal, he will give them back to you, otherwise if he can keep them. I advise you to commit an important amount for yourself.

To make the bet even more real, you can use a site like Stickk, created by a team of behavioral economists at Yale University.


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