Packaging is not something that should be given little thought to. The presentation is just as important as the item wrapped underneath. If you are an individual or even business that needs to ship out a product or a gift, it’s important to stop and think about the packaging and the presentation. The receiver may judge you based on it. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of truly amazing creative packing ideas worth considering:

Unconventional Shapes

Everyone is used to the box-shaped packages. So, if you want to make an impression, think outside the proverbial box. Go for an unconventional or an unusual shape to wrap your gift in. Triangles, circles and even mailing tubes in Canada are all good shapes to go with. If the gift it shaped weirdly, don’t bother trying to fit it into a box. Embrace the weird shape and impress the receiver.

Go for Functional Wrapping

The receiver will like your gift even more if the packaging adds functionality or value to the product. For example, think about cup noodles. The dried noodles come packed inside a cup, which can be used to cook the noodles and eat. That’s the entire appeal of cup noodles. You can incorporate something similar to your package. Packages can open up as serving bowls, or in other cases, storage boxes. Even regular corrugated boxes are useful for creative packaging ideas because the boxes can be of additional use to the receiver. So, don’t hesitate to check deals for corrugated boxes in Canada if you have numerous gifts to wrap.

Use Sustainable Material

You can impress any receiver by using only sustainable material in the packaging. Instead of plastic fasteners or cellophane containing wraps, use natural material for your package, like paper and natural fiber strings. You can use recycled material too, like recycled paper. Not only is this less costly, the environmental friendliness will impress the receiver. If the occasion is appropriate, you can creatively wrap packages in old newspapers, magazine pages and strings. It’s less expensive and still has a modern feel about it.

Aim for a Handmade Look

Most people receive hundreds of gifts each year, especially if they are in business. Most of these gifts are wrapped in a stylish but very commercial manner. You can make your packaging stand out by aiming for a handmade look. Make the package look as you wrapped it by hand individually to make it seem more special. Using old newspapers and strings as mentioned above could do the trick. Even if the final packaging is not perfect, the receiver will appreciate the trouble you went to do it.

You can also consider mixing up colors. People immediately notice colors like yellow, so if you want to make an impression with just a glance, choose a similar bold color. Using unusual shades other than the common red and blue will also work great for packaging. Green is a great color that goes well almost anything. So, next time you are thinking about wrapping something, heed the above tips.