A pack of cigarettes in Malaysia now cost 12 ringgit. The government says the price hike was to put off teens from taking up smoking, and it's also a pretty good incentive to finally get yourself to quit the habit.

But let's be real, the first thing that actually went through your mind was...

To stock up as many packs as you could get your hands on.

Once that ran out, you decided paying an extra 1.50 to sustain your disgusting habit was ridiculous.

So you decide to go cold turkey.

For the first couple of hours, you don't even flinch.

You pat yourself on the back and wonder what the big deal was with quitting.

Right until the usual triggers set in (coffee, alcohol, food, stress, etc).

You decide to grab some gum to keep your mouth busy.

But then you realised you also had to find a way to keep your hands busy.

So you fidget and squirm while constantly reminding yourself why it's good to quit.

"I'll be able to run a marathon now."

"Food tastes so much better."

"I'll be saving money!"

Then your smoking buddy asks if you want to step outside with them.

You reluctantly give in, because it's been HOURS and one teeny stick couldn't hurt.

Since you haven't bought your first RM12 pack, you get them to bum you one.

You take that first puff. The nicotine kicks in.

It feels so good...

Right until you stub it out and realize that you're right back to square one.

You feel like a failure, and you wished you never picked up the habit in the first place.

You're done, you will quit FOR REAL this time.

You destroy all the cigarettes you have left in your hidden stash.

The next time your buddy asks you to smoke, you politely turn them down before giving them "the look."

Hours turn into days, then weeks pass by. But you've still somehow managed to stick to your guns.

Of course, some days will be easier than others.

But as long as you stick to it, you know it's going to be okay.

Because at some point eventually, you'll realize that smoking doesn't define you.

You're finally in control, and that's a feeling that not even all the cigarettes in the world could ever match up to.

So goodbye crippling cigarette addiction, and good riddance!