The bonuses and promotions offered at Royal Online (GClub) is the key attraction for people who want to play online casino games for fun or to make money. Let’s know basic types of casino bonuses.

Registration bonus

It is a bonus that not all online casinos have, offering a certain amount of money in the player's electronic wallet so that he makes his first moves without having to deposit his money. Usually these bonuses have a high value, for example €250 or up to €500, thus motivating players to register in a certain casino. 

Deposit bonus

One of the most popular among amateur and professional players, it provides a special bonus whenever a player makes a deposit. Some casinos limit this deposit bonus only to the player's first deposit at the casino, but others keep this bonus for a long period of time. For example, it is 100% at Royal Online GClub.

Usually these bonuses have values that are around 100 to 200% of the amount deposited, ie when the player makes their first deposit, in their game portfolio, that same amount will be deposited, plus a bonus that can double the amount initially. These values depend a lot on casino to casino, as well as the conditions of redemption, however in most cases, it is mandatory that the player bets the minimum amount of the bonus received to be able to redeem the same.

Bonus deposit method

This bonus does not exist in all casinos, however, there are many who favor a certain method of deposit, thus guaranteeing players a special bonus when they use this method.

In general terms, the values practiced by most casinos are 20% of the amount deposited, and thus can effectively contribute to the success in the casino of a player who prefers a type of deposit method.

Loyalty bonus 

A bonus that will privilege all those who are loyal to a certain casino, that is, the activity of the players is registered by the casino and once a player shows an obvious preference for the casino, with several deposits made, many bets made and good prizes received, then the casino itself will reward this player, leading him to prefer this casino in any circumstance.

Referral bonus

One of the most popular in the world of Royal Online casinos, they guarantee interactivity between the casino and the player, since the casino offers a certain amount (these vary between €25 to €75 depending on the casino) by all the friends you bring to the casino .

These bonuses are suitable for players who have a good list of friends, thus increasing their game portfolio and still give the new player the opportunity to receive the other bonuses that the casino makes available.