Be warned ladies, because the amount of abs you'll find in this post might just make your head explode:

Adrien Brody

After undergoing a crash diet for the Pianist, Brody had to bulk up to play a marine in Predators. He gained 25 pounds and even made himself give up sex!

Taylor Lautner

This teen actor had to build a lot of muscle fast for his role in Twilight: New Moon. But the efforts paid off, as the former 140-pound, bony pubescent was soon transformed into a rippled fitness animal.

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler’s torso in the 2006 hit 300 has been labelled as one of the most impressive male physiques on the big screen, for obvious reasons. The before photo was long before the 39-year-old actor bulked up for the role, but his weight has sort of been up and down ever since.

Chris Evans

Evans has always been muscly, but he really went all out to play Captain America. Evans had to undergo an intense training program that was described as “grueling” and “brutal” to achieve his amazing muscular build.

Chris Hemsworth

Yet another Chris that absolutely deserves spot in this list. Apparently,  Hemsworth never lifted weights until he set out to become Thor. He apparently had to pack 20 pounds of muscle onto his 6'3" frame just so he could play the lead.

Chris Pratt

The cheesy shot was from before he was cast for Guardians of the Galaxy, and the top right is what he looks like now. Goddamn!

Joe Mangeniello

You'd be convinced that Mangeniello was born with those unbelievable abs. But if you knew him back in high school, then you'd realize that it took a lot of work to look this ripped.

Tom Hardy

From flab to fit. Hardy began bulking up for his role as a former marine trainer in “Warrior”, before going super-massive to play the baddie Bane in TDKR. Which finally brings us to...

Christian Bale

From emaciated in the Machinist to a bulky, badass superhero in TDK, Bale is hands down the king of celebrity body transformations! So you can definitely bet he's going bounce back from all that weight he gained in American Hustle.