News flash: the skirt suit is back in fashion. And it's taken a long time for them to make a comeback too. According to the WSJ, skirt suits haven't been cool since 1988. But it's now cool again for ladies to wear jackets and skirts that match.
Two-piece dressing not only offers no-brainer ease ("You're together in 10 seconds, and you look like you own the world," said Ms. Wall), it also addresses the important question of looking powerfully alluring. After all, there was a reason that Ms. Weaver and Ms. Griffith had Harrison Ford on his knees throughout "Working Girl." That factor is not lost on women looking to suit up today.

"Next time I have a business meeting with a group of men," Ms. Wall said, "I'm going to wear one and shut up the whole room."
Fashion is cyclical. We're waiting for 1800s-style gowns to come back in style for casual daytime wear.

Would you wear a skirt suit?

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