Marfa, Texas is home to work from the 20th century's most famous artist. The town's most well known piece - the Prada Marfa may now be facing demolition.

According to The New York Times, the Texas Department of Transportation has officially classified the structure as an illegal outdoor advertisement. The piece was paid for by a non-profit arts organization using Prada's logo, approved by Prada themselves, so it shouldn't be a problem right? The officials have decided that the six year old piece is in violation.
From the state’s perspective, the logo is defined by state and federal law as a sign. And because the “sign” sits on unlicensed land bordering federal highway U.S. 90 and lacks a permit, it violates the 1965 Highway Beautification Act signed by president Lyndon B. Johnson and championed by his wife, Lady Bird Johnson.
Will it be destroyed? Should it be kept up? What do you think?

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Lead Image by Casey McCallister.