Who needs drawing pads when you have your thighs to create art on? Visual arts student Jody Steel found her thighs an efficient surface on which to take notes during class. She said the desk tops were too small, "not to mention that my legs are as pale as paper."

After binge watching all five seasons of Breaking Bad last year, Steel was inspired to draw Walter White (it was the first image to go viral after appearing on Reddit). She then drew Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones before drawing Joseph Gordon Levitt and Aaron Johnson.

Each portrait takes her about an hour to produce, and only 10 minutes to wash off. Steel generally erases them before bed, "so they don't get on my sheets and clothes," she says.

The drawings have even earned Steel a job offer: from a professor at her school. And a lot of people have thought the images were tattoos. Check out her work below: