You would think that after revealing the mother in "How I Met Your Mother," CBS would finally, finally, FINALLY be ready to call it a wrap. Think again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, there's word that they're planning on doing a spin-off "that would follow a woman on a similar quest to find the father of her children." Say what?
Before you get too excited about beating this dead horse again, you might want to know that the spinoff won't feature any of the current HIMYM cast. But it will be produced by the current executive producers and creators of the show:
The new take would include a similar set of friends, potentially glimpsed in the parent series' (no pun intended) finale, and major set piece MacLaren’s Pub may even be employed as a hangout.
Why would they even think this would be a good idea? Plus, the show's central character Ted is practically "a man who acted like a woman." Think about it: Ted was so dedicated to finding "the one" despite all his "slutty" adventures, that he often came off as cloying and kinda desperate.

So we can only imagine how annoying the female equivalent of Ted would be like. Plus, does the world really need another show about a white thirty-something looking for love?