The latest report by the United Nations reveals some pretty troubling statistics concerning young girls in developing countries, where 95% of births to girls under 18 occur (about 7.3 million).

But that's not the most shocking part. The report also revealed that more than 2 million of those births involved girls aged 14 and under.

These girls are not developed for pregnancy, putting them at major risk of facing "the gravest long-term social and health consequences from giving birth as teens", like higher rates of death in childbirth, and other physical complications.

As for the reasons why such early pregnancies still exist, the report believes it has to do with "powerlessness, poverty and pressures - from partners, peers, families and communities. And in too many instances, they are the result of sexual violence or coercion."

Based on the findings, the U.N. believes that more emphasis needs to be put into promoting gender equality in these developing countries.

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