Everyone is looking forward to Victoria's Secret's latest fancy get-ups during its annual fashion show in New York. But one VS Angel is admitting that being chosen to wear those iconic Angel wings isn't exactly a walk in the park.

For this year's event, Candice Swanepoel has been picked to debut the Fantasy Bra. This year's "Royal" version is covered in diamonds, rubies and yellow sapphires with a 52-carat ruby in the center; it's valued at a whopping $10 million.

Here's what the model-of-the-moment revealed to The Huffington Post about the downsides of walking the VS catwalk:
"I mean, some of the wings are not comfortable at all.. One year, I was almost going to wear two harps as wings."
The wings were apparently so heavy that Swanepoel request they be axed from the show.
"If I'd fallen, someone would have had to run on the stage and pick me up because I couldn't get up on my own!"
Guess now would be a good time for VS to send their angels to work on their upper body strength, because those oversized angel wings are definitely not going to flutter down the runway on their own!