When running a business in St. Louis, or anywhere else in America, it’s beneficial to be informed about the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol that may be affecting your employees’ performance. Indeed, it’s a difficult subject, but there are ways to tackle this appropriately, professionally, and fairly. Below is a helpful guide for business owners.

Implement a Drugs Policy and Drug Testing

It’s advisable to have a substance misuse policy and always hire a drug testing company in the event of suspicion. While creating a policy, you should make your employees feel valued and prioritized. Policy writing can seem daunting, but templates can be accessed online, or you can contact a qualified consultant. You should also inform your employees that if there is suspected drug use, they must undergo a test. Fortunately, you can contact a reliable and affordable drug testing company that will promptly deliver results. 

Know the Signs of Drug Use

There are certain signs to be aware of that may hint that workers are struggling with substance abuse. These can include physical symptoms such as dramatic weight loss, bloodshot eyes, and staggering. They may also act inappropriately or seem easily angered. If you know which signs to look out for, this can help you identify problems in the early stage so that you may address them effectively and professionally.

Provide Employees with Anonymous Counseling Services

As a preventative measure, it’s advisable to outsource a counseling service for physical and mental well-being. This is so that if employees are struggling with any issues, they can readily access professional help. The service shouldn’t be internal to reassure your workers that what they say or how they use the service will be completely confidential. Studies show that providing a well-being service improves the health, engagement, and morale of employees, while reducing the amount of sick leave taken.

Know the Law

If you don’t have legal knowledge about workplace drug misuse, it’s vital to get clued up so that you know your rights as an employer. Utilizing professional training across your company will help to ensure the correct measures are implemented by you or on your behalf. Furthermore, companies with more than 15 employees must have a human resources team as they are knowledgeable in legal matters. This reassures your employees, gives you more protection, and alleviates some of your responsibilities.

Analyze Health and Safety Risks

If your workers are required to do manual labor, such as lifting or working with machinery, you must be certain that they are not abusing substances. Not only would that be highly dangerous, but you’d face potential liability claims against you. While investigating a worker who’s suspected of drug misuse, regular health and safety assessments should be completed and fully documented so you have written proof that you did everything possible to fulfill your duty of care. 

If business owners and managers follow the advice above, it will enable employees to be more effective in the workplace, and their companies will be more likely to grow. Most importantly, it will support employees by prioritizing their safety and well-being.