You can absolutely work full-time from home. Between the internet, cloud computing, and our personal computers, you have everything that you need to seamlessly work from home. You can even remote into a computer in the office and gain access to all the necessary files without leaving home. 

If more companies solidified their work-from-home approach, rather than trying to get everyone back in the office, the world would benefit. WFH is a flexible approach that keeps employees healthier, happier and allows them to balance work with their personal lives. It will be of huge impact on women in the workforce, who would otherwise have to change jobs or even stop working altogether since they’re still, to this day, primary caregivers. 

With many parents unable to afford childcare and childcare support at critical lows in too many countries, the best way forward is by adopting flexibility. Before any employee can transition to full-time WFH, however, they’ll need to upgrade their home setup. The cobbled-together approach during lockdowns isn’t enough. Instead, you’ll want to invest in these top upgrades: 

1. Lightning Fast Internet

You need to download content, upload files, stream videos, and do it all seamlessly. If you are struggling with the speed and scope of your internet, then you cannot make a case for WFH. That’s why the number one upgrade you’ll want to make for your home (that everyone will love) is to invest in a better internet. If you swap out your cable and landline for one internet package, this can either work out the same cost, or even cost less. When looking for a new internet package, aim for fiber optic. A dedicated ISP for fiber internet that offers parallel speeds (meaning upload and download speeds are the same) and fixed rates for their 1gbps plan, all without locking you into a contract, is ideal for those working from home. 

2. An Ergonomic Setup 

While not essential to start working from home full-time, investing in ergonomic furniture and tools is something that will help your performance and quality of life. This includes a great chair, an adjustable desk and monitors, and an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. 

3. Ultra HD Video and Audio 

If you want to impress and make it obvious that your working from home can be seamless, then you’ll want to upgrade your audio/video capabilities. Invest in an HD camera and a professional mike so that you can give your coworkers and clients an amazing video call experience. You want to look and sound like you’re right in front of them, and a quality video setup, as well as maximizing your system’s settings, is the way to do it. 

4. A Professional All-in-One Printer

Fax systems haven’t gone away, they’ve just updated. Make sure that you have all the power of a professional printer, scanner, and fax machine in one. This will make it easy for you to easily download and print off documents that need to be signed, then scan them and send them back. 

5. A Capable Computer 

You need a computer that can handle every aspect of your job with utmost ease. This is easy for those who do standard admin and don’t use much more than the internet to work. If you are a designer or use more heavy-duty applications, then you need a computer that can take every process in stride.