When we learn to play an instrument, we often purchase a fairly cheap option that will allow us to experiment, pick up the basics, and get a feel for the instrument. This gives you a chance to find out how much you like playing and how seriously you want to take it. Over time, however, you might start to think about buying something more expensive and higher quality. Here are some of the reasons why you should start looking at something worth a little more. 

You’re No Longer a Beginner

Cheap guitars are popular with beginners, but you won’t always be a beginner. If you feel you are committed to playing guitar and are ready to invest in your new hobby, you should look at how to buy Goodall Guitars, which could help you become a better musician if you are ready to invest. 

More Expensive Guitars Last Longer

Buying cheap is often a false economy. They may be cheaper to buy initially, but they break, don’t last long, and need regular repairs or replacements. Over time, buying something that’s more expensive but lasts a lot longer could save you money. 

The Sound Quality Will be Better

More expensive guitars are typically made from better materials. With the expertise involved with making a guitar, this can mean that the instrument’s tone is better even if you play it the same. 

It’ll Look Great

Cheap guitars look cheap. Expensive guitars always look higher quality. They’ll have better craftsmanship, finer details, and an improved finish. A more expensive guitar will look fantastic, and you’ll look great playing it. 

You’ll Love Playing it

A more expensive guitar might have a better design. Things like inlays and binding will be of higher quality and may have an arched top. Generally, you might find that higher-quality instruments also have a more ergonomic design, which could even help you to keep a good posture and support your wrists and shoulders. The more expensive materials could also mean that it is lighter and feels smoother in your hands. This can make it much more enjoyable to play. 

It Could Grow in Value

Something cheap rarely goes on to grow in value, in part because they simply don’t last long enough to have a high resale value. When you buy a more expensive instrument, it holds on to its value, typically has a high resale value, and could even increase in value if the brand becomes more well-known or someone well-known plays the same instrument. 

A More Expensive Guitar May Have Extra Features

When you buy a cheap guitar, you get the basics. It’ll have all the essentials you need to make music and might be ideal for beginners who might find too many features confusing and unnecessary. But as your abilities grow, you might want to do more with your instrument. An expensive guitar could allow you to do a lot more. 

Guitars can be costly. But most people find that more expensive guitars are of higher quality. They sound better, look better, and last for a lot longer, even growing in value as they age.