You are not alone if you want to sell your house yourself. Many homeowners decide to take this route. The main reason behind this decision is to save money on the agent’s commission. If you want to sell your property without using the services of an agent, you should know how to sell a house by owner in Georgia. Learn different aspects of this house selling option if you are searching for “how to sell my house without a realtor”.

Why do Homeowners want to Sell Their House Themselves?
Saving money is the main reason. The cost of an agent’s commission in a house sale process can be high for the seller. The commission usually comes to 6% of the house sale price. To compound the problem, you must pay money from your equity in the house. The money you pay to the agent comes from the equity part of the sale amount you receive, not from the mortgage.

Take into account other costs associated with this sale process. All these costs will be covered by the money from your house equity. Homeowners try to save on most of these costs by selling their homes themselves.

Be Reasonable in Valuing Your Home
You should do some research before determining the value of your house. The price you quote for your home should not be too high, or you will have difficulty finding a buyer. Too low the price, you will get less than what you could have.
Check the data about properties similar to yours that have recently sold in your area. Learn at what prices those properties were sold. This information will help you price your property at the right amount. Keep your price a little higher because most buyers negotiate the price and feel happy when they successfully reduce the quoted price. It increases your chance of selling your home more quickly.

Preparing the Home for Sale
Think from the perspective of a home buyer. Would you buy a house that looks damaged, dirty, or with some other major problem? Home buyers are looking for an attractive home that offers high functional value. Prepare your home before you put it up for sale. Remove all waste and unwanted items from the house and property area. Take the help of a waste removal company to get this job done quickly and professionally.

Repair the damaged parts and give some finishing touches. The scope of these projects will depend on your budget and whether you are ready to spend money on them. Do not forget the area outside the home that falls within the property. It should be maintained well at all times, even if you stop living there. If a prospective buyer is visiting for inspection after several weeks of house cleaning, you should first get the house cleaned. These simple measures improve the prospect of selling your house fast.

Market Your Property
This is where it becomes tricky. Do you have the expertise, time and other resources to get involved in marketing and selling? Do you understand the real estate market dynamics and what house buyers presently expect in houses put up for sale?

If you do not want to get involved in this complex process, use the services of a company or best for sale by owner sites that let you put up your house for sale yourself without professional assistance. A platform like Houzeo is perfect for this purpose. Your house will be listed for sale within a few minutes of providing the required information. Visit the website and provide some information about your property. Your house will be listed for sale immediately and become available for sale in the market.

Other Marketing Options
If you do not want to depend on one platform’s marketing efforts, you can also do your own marketing. It will increase the likelihood of your house selling faster. Start with the basic marketing options like a yard sign. Many first visit the area and neighborhood where they want to buy a house. This yard sign will immediately attract their attention if your house fits their buying checklist.

You can create brochures and flyers. These marketing materials can be given to people who are interested in buying your house. Give them the information they can check later. Details on an online platform are always visible, but printed papers can also help. Make sure these marketing documents provide all required information, including the house details, expected sale price, local neighborhood, and others. Let people know about this sale through your social media accounts. You can advertise online as well.

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Learn the Negotiating Skills
When a home is sold through an agent, the homeowner depends on the negotiating skills of that professional to get the best deal. You will be on your own when you sell your house yourself, so you should know how to negotiate and get a good price. Keep your house price a little high but not so high that it deters prospective buyers from approaching you.
Learn what information most prospective buyers want to know from the house sellers. Be ready with all this information. Keep all documents that a buyer may want to see. However, show these documents only to the prospective buyers who seem serious about buying your home.

Learn More about the Closing Process
Even after a prospective buyer agrees to buy your house, you have still not crossed the bridge yet. Unless the deal is closed successfully, you are susceptible to the risks common in a house sale process. Make sure all your house documents are ready. Learn each step of the closing process before you hand over the keys of the home. Services of a real estate lawyer may be needed to draft and review the sale contract. You have to negotiate quickly when dealing with the cash home buyers in Atlanta.

Houzeo can help you overcome many of these hurdles. It will help you avoid many risks associated with the house sale process. With its extensive experience in this industry, it is well equipped to offer the best services to homeowners who want to sell their homes themselves. Visit to learn more.