Perfume is and always has been a great gift. It’s something to give your mom, partner, friend, or even yourself. You may marry yourself to one signature scent. You may flip between different scents to suit your mood. 

There isn’t a hard or fast rule when it comes to using or wearing perfume, except, perhaps, to not overdo it on any one day. Everyone welcomes subtle scents, and they can also help people directly associate that scent with you. Alternatively, you can use that perfume to match the look you’re going for that day or have two statement scents for day and another for night. 

However, things can get tricky when it comes to matching perfume scents for others. Knowing how to match scents with personalities and then, on top of that, occasions, is a true skill to have. It’s what will help you stand out as a friend, or even as a perfume seller. 

If this is a skill you’re hoping to achieve, then look no further than this starter guide to help you begin your journey: 

First, Become Familiar with All the Popular Scents 

In order to match perfumes, you first need to know what those scents are. Go through and test yourself on your top sellers regularly so that you can embody and feel what each scent is, and also be able to pick out the scent in question at the drop of the hat. This goes such a far way when it comes to your sales skills. 

As you become an expert in your top lineup, continue. Expand your scent knowledge as you go so that you know what all of your stock from smell like. If you can, try to do this alongside learning about the brand, the production method, and so on. It is invaluable to tell customers about the different perfumes, what makes them stand out, and why which ones are better for them. Doing it all without having to look at a computer or phone is even more so. 

This is essential for salespeople and matching perfume scents for others, and it’s also an essential skill if you’re a perfume connoisseur. Know what each option you recommend smells like, and all its variations (like night and day), and you’ll be ready to start making recommendations. 

Improve Your Listening Skills 

Everyone has an idea of themselves. They have this idea of who they are either for the day, or every day. Someone might feel like being a 70s disco queen one day, then a laid-back girl next door the next. Understanding the different styles and how people can feel can help you make recommendations. Some scents are light and fruity, and others are more nuanced and deeper. Each follows a theme that can help you pair perfumes with people based on their personality and, more importantly, the occasion. 

Signature Scents vs. Scent Of the Moment 

Some are happy to mix and match scents to match each outfit and their mood. Others want a signature scent to carry them through every day. Those who like to switch things up will usually prefer brighter, more impactful scents, while those looking for something for every day are looking for something more subtle. 

Even those looking for a signature scent will need different versions, however. That’s why the top brands typically offer a day and night version of their perfumes. Understanding how they intend to use their perfume will determine what you offer and what size you give them.