There were many things on Pinterest that made rounds on the online photo/trend sharing pinboard. Here are some of the most popular tattoos on Pinterest in 2013:

1. “Illuminate”

2. The Forearm Tree

3. The Hardcore Sleeve

4. The “High-Five!” Cats

5. “Enough”

6. The Cat Scratch

7. The Leg Trees

These are actually leggings. But tree tattoos were huge in 2013.

8. The Bearded & Tattooed Man

9. The Snake In A Skull

10. The Postage Stamp

11. The Incredible Eye

12. The Minimalist Cross

13. The Infinite Relationship

14. The Thigh Quote

15. The Watercolor Dreamcatcher

16. The Tiny Cat

17. The Arrow Heart

18. The Actual Heart