Eyelash extensions are a relative newcomer, but a popular one, to the modern day beauty regimen. If you have lashes that are naturally short and stubby, getting eyelash extensions can give you that much-desired long luscious look that is so prominent in modern day fashion. We’re a huge fan of the lashes at flawlesslashesbyloreta.com, but if you are tired of using false lashes and working with the adhesive to adhere those lashes, then extensions can save you time and aggravation.

Eyelash extensions allow you to wake up each morning with luxurious lashes you crave. No longer do you stare in the mirror and lust for length, but this is not without a price. Everything that you can do or have done to your body can have a drawback to it. The following items are the positives and negatives associated with lash extensions.

Reduce Make-Up Application Time

If you are currently using false eyelashes to increase the length of your lashes then having extensions put on your lashes will reduce the time it takes for you to get ready before leaving the house. Those with demanding beauty regime’s will appreciate the 20 or so minutes of time-saving that extensions can have.

Eyelash extensions can dramatically change the way your eyes look, so you may even find yourself wearing a lot less of the eye make-up products you are currently using. Less is more, right?

You can customize your look with extensions

When you decide to have lash extensions, the first step is typically having a talk with your stylist about the look you are trying to achieve. Some people want lashes that are longer, some want thicker lashes, some people want both length and fullness. Before the lashes can be applied your stylist needs to know what you want your lashes to look like.

You can actually change the shape appearance of your eyes using the right combination of lash length and volume. 

Mascara smudges become a thing of the past

This has to be one of the most frustrating parts of the beauty regime, especially if you’re in a rush. With your lash extensions in place you no longer need to apply several coats of mascara to create the look of thick and long lashes. We have all awakened to the black smudges under our eyes, owing to the fact that we forgot (or couldn’t be bothered) to remove our mascara before we went to bed. The lash extensions allow you to look great when you go to bed and look just as good when you wake up each morning.

You also get to skip the nightly routine of trying to wipe away the mascara you wear. We’ve all bought waterproof mascara to avoid the runny lines if your eyes were to water. But to remove waterproof mascara you are, of course, going to need a removing agent. You spend extra money on the mascara that will not run and then spend more on the mascara remover. With lash extensions you can skip buying the mascara remover. 

Extensions need to be replaced in a salon

You cannot simply buy the lash extensions and go home to apply them. You need to allow a professional stylist to apply your lash extensions. Your extensions are going to fall away with your natural lashes every four to six weeks. Most people who wear lash extensions go to see their stylist every three weeks to replace the extensions that have fallen out. It’s quite a commitment.

Make sure that the salon you are using sterilizes their equipment after each use. This sterilization can help you to avoid infection.

Extensions need daily brushing

When your extensions are put in place, you will be given a conditioner that you are supposed to apply each day. The conditioner is normally applied with a small brush. The conditioner has to be brushed on each day to keep the extensions supple and natural in appearance. It will likely become part of your morning routine, but still, it’s more time spent. 

Potential health risks

Eyelash extensions can cause you to experience:

skin irritation to the eyelid, 
swelling of the eyelid, 
temporary loss of natural lashes, 
permanent loss of natural lashes, 
infections of the cornea, infections of the eyelid
a rash
bloodshot eyes
burning or stinging sensations
itchy eyes

To avoid the above mentioned complications you can make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the adhesive. Some of the adhesives contain chemicals like formaldehyde that is known to cause skin irritation. It must be said though, that the risk of health issues is incredibly slim, assuming that proper due diligence and checks have been done by lash professional.

Ask the stylist applying your extensions what type of adhesive they will be using. Make sure the adhesive is designed for skin contact, like surgical glue, instead of nail glue designed for artificial nail applications.

Healthline give a little more detail on the health risks associated with eyelash extensions.

Care concerns

When you have eyelash extensions you must use cleansers that are not oil based on your face. Oil based makeup removers can cause the adhesive (that keeps your extensions in place) to loosen. If the adhesive loosens then the extension will possibly turn loose and fall off.

Use gentle cleansers to remove eye make-up, and avoid excessive rubbing of your eye. If your eye itches you should blot at the eye with a soft tissue, but do not rub the eye with your fingers.


Eyelash extensions are not the answer for everyone. If you are tired of applying false eyelashes every day, then eyelash extensions may possibly be the answer for you.

Consider all of the benefits you can get from the extensions, and then consider the possible side-effects. Weigh your pros and cons carefully before you decide to get the extensions. If you’re keen to go ahead, always consult a lash professional as your first step.