Lehenga and saree are used in traditional events such as weddings, receptions, etc. Both of them look beautiful and amazing. Almost all Indian women like to wear them. In general, women and young girls like to wear lehengas. Saree is also a beautiful traditional dress in India, but more often used by aged women. The length is about 5.5 meters and there are many types of fabric. Georgette, chiffon, silk, cotton, crepe, and many other types of fabric are available in the market for sarees.

The saree's popularity cannot be separated from the role of Bollywood celebrities. Along with the growing popularity of the Indian film industry in the Western world, more and more Westerners are getting to know sarees and like them. Silk sarees are a very popular type of saree in Western Europe, especially France. They are often shown at fashion shows held by famous fashion houses. However, there is no event that can show the real beauty of Indian dresses other than an Indian wedding.

Indian weddings are the most amazing marriages. It includes food, decorations, themes, clothes, gifts and everything related. When it comes to choosing wedding attire for the bride, there is a lot of research involved. Indian women pay close attention to details down to the smallest detail. They explore their natural beauty with clothes and various kinds of jewelry and trinkets. Lehenga, Choli, and Dupatta are three perfect elements that represent the elegance of an Indian woman. In recent years, the lehengas have even dominated Indian weddings, surpassing the sarees in several aspects. Not only weddings in the Indian communities, on several occasions, the lehengas are also often used by western women for formal events such as dinner parties.

When and where exactly the lehengas dominate wedding ceremonies may be difficult to determine but as online shops proliferate, information about how flexible the lehenga is spread quickly, pushing its popularity to new heights. Today, saree is not the only famous Indian dress.Yes, saree may often be misunderstood when a non-Indian woman sees a lehenga, that’s because saree was popular first.

The lehenga is born from a lot of energy, ideas, and creativity. Most lehengas are beautiful handwork. This is the reason why lehengas easily attract any women's heart, not limited to Indian women. The lehenga cut is notoriously large, making it a perfect fit for any type of woman. There is a kind of flexibility given to each designer to combine all the elements comprehensively, making the lehengas relatively more suitable for most women, at least when compared to sarees.

The presence of online shops such as cbazaar makes it easy for every woman who wants to try lehenga as the main dress in some parties. With affordable prices, the lehengas on offer are able to attract many women to try something different.

Lehenga offers women a traditional look in an elegant way. With the rapid evolution of fashion trends, many women from different parts of the world are also adapting to these changes. Now they are wearing glamorous clothes to make a fashion statement, one thing that is heavily influenced by the dress trends of Indian women.

It was once a traditional dress for women from India. But for now, many designers are turning these clothes into fashionable clothes. They have used various innovative designs to add charm to the outfit. They also try to offer an exclusive look at their collection and also use the latest design techniques. Lehenga is now not the exclusive property of Indian women, but also to us, women from all over the world.