Description: Why brands care about the Pantone Color of the Year? Four ideas for implementing the color in your branding. 

According to research, a person receives from 80% to 90% of information about the environment through a visual analyzer. Each color includes one or another association that is fixed in consciousness and may not change for decades.

Therefore, when creating a new brand or carrying out a rebranding, it’s essential to take into account several factors.

First of all, a brand needs to assess the competitive environment by the color (for example, banks usually prefer blue; fast food businesses —  red). Then it’s important to check which set of associations the current colors contain (if the brand has already been created) and how relevant they are today.

In order for a corporate color to always look the same in the real world on different media, a brand should limit itself to the Pantone reference color palette, which contains 1867 colors.

In this article, you will find out how Pantone colors can be used in branding, why utilize email signature examples, and understand the meaning of Pantone Colors of the Year.

Color of the Year sets design trends for the whole next year

Throughout the year, the Pantone Institute visits fashion shows, follows street fashion on Instagram, participates in pre-premiere screenings, visits exhibitions of progressive artists, cooperates with luxury car manufacturers, studies the interior color even before the official presentations. This way, they try to understand the mood of the fashion crowd.

Color of the Year is a fixation of the spirit of the times, an expression of the mood and desires of consumers.

Ways of implementing Pantone Color of the Year in your business

Color is an essential marketing communication tool, and we can use it in many different ways. We have identified four key situations in which the correct work with shades can greatly affect the result.

Email signature

A uniform visual identity can help a brand represent the attributes and values it stands and is known for. 

We send many emails every day. To take advantage of this potential, it is important to create a professional, visually appealing email footer using an email signature generator. In such a signature, businesses can add their contact details, promote products, services, events, sales, etc.