Wedding season is on and this time you want to make it glamorous with your stunning outfit and jewelry. Jewelry tends to come in all shapes and sizes, you can adorn any random t-shirt or even a simple shirt with an elegant piece of jewelry to make it an upbeat outfit. However, this is not just any party, it's the wedding season and you must have the best collection. 

This article covers all the wedding essential jewelry pieces that a girl needs to rock in any ethnic,  indo-western or even in the complete western outfit. Let's go. 

Shimmery stones

Heard about American diamonds? They're the most affordable yet wonderful jewelry for you girls. Shimmer and glitter are what you need to rock the wedding season and thus, having a great collection will prepare you to face every occasion that comes up next. Glittery jewelry, that is mostly made up of American diamond, goes well with almost every type of outfit, let it be traditional, western and even formal (if not very OOTD). 

You can wear the AD bangles with the beautiful silk or chiffon saree to add up the ethnicity as well as beauty. A shimmery waistband can always make your waist look slimmer and your entire look over the top. Necklace, earrings, and similar rings set will add more gems to your whole outfit for the occasion. 


The market is loaded with the rustic and bold jewelry which suits almost every outfit. Wedding season is now becoming more and more fashionable venture than it used to be. Thus, picking up the most affordable yet trending items is a must for every Indian girl. Dark silver jewelry can spice up your ethnic look by making it appear conventional and cool. Indian outfits are the most flexible ones as they look good with whatever you accessorize it with. 

The hiphop jewelry, bold earrings, thick metallic bangles with intricate yet traditional designs can also adorn your simple tunic or white short to make it look well-established. Have you ever tried wearing white shirt clubbed with a bright colored long skirt? This combination is killer and can be taken to heights if you couple them with some great rustic pieces. 


Chains can never go out of fashion, especially in the Indian tradition as it carries a lot of importance. Indians are so fond of chains that they love wearing them even on a daily basis. They not only light but make your casual look even presentable and elegant. So, why not try these chains to pair up with your ethnic wear, making it look bright yet decent. Lockets have never left the world of jewelry since ages and with more modifications there moving back in trend. 

Radium lockets, gold lockets, and even pearly lockets go with every style. The beauty of chains gets enhanced with lockets. Anklets and wristlets made up of chain are light in weight and look extremely elegant. So, use these in layers to complete your wedding season look. 


The trend of chokers is spread almost in every corner of the world. Reason being, it's stylish and actively makes you look appealing yet decent. Chokers are made up of different types of metals, let it be gold, silver, and even in a diamond. They look their best with silk sarees as the choker necklace makes you look hotter and glamorous. Pearly pieces can be worn with kurtas and tunics. 

So, to look as pretty as a picture, you need to combine the right elements and do the layering. Layering is the element for an attractive and easy to go dress up. Therefore, you can conveniently layer up using the jokers with some bold chain pieces and even American diamond stuff. 

Gold stuff

In the land of gold, India, women go gaga over the jewelry pieces made up of gold. If you're quite high on your budget than the ultimate option for you is to buy some of the gold stuff. This not only makes the jewelry available for years but is also an ultimate investing strategy. The market is flooded with numerous gold jewelry ideas that you can get anything made out of gold. 

From bangles to watches, everything looks royal when made up of gold. Consequently, to jazz up your outfit and make yourself appear splendid, try something gold. Let it be a necklace, a wristlet or even simple chain; you'll look outstanding being in gold. Check out a variety of gold watches from different brands on, upbeat your entire wedding game by using the above mentioned jewelry options and you'll rock the wedding bells with your beauty.