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Emmanuelle Chriqui Still Stealing The Show

There was a moment in time when Emmanuelle Chriqui was the show stopper almost every time, then Entourage ended and everything went dark for a bit. Now that Entourage is back again, we're getting to see more of her, and it looks like she's never changed! We shouldn't have taken our eyes off her!

Holy Smokes. Nicole Scherzinger is Stunning!

We've said this before many times, and we'll say it again. Nicole Scherzinger is a model human being. Just check out how hot she is! It's clear and obvious that God must have spent a little more time on her.

So..Tiger Woods Banged Another Golfer's Wife

If "just" banging other women isn't good enough for Tiger Woods, he had to bang another golfer's wife, since, that's quite possibly a very challenging hole to take on. PGA pro Jason Dufner didn't think he'd be a Tiger Woods victim, until his wife Amanda Dufner likened the very sound of "being banged by a Tiger." From The Enquirer:

Sean Penn Moves On From Charlize Theron to Minka Kelly

How does Sean Penn keep getting all the chicks? It's a damn mystery. Hopefully he shares some of these secrets before he passes on. From Us Weekly:

A source confirms to Us that Penn treated Kelly and a couple of friends to a "very pricey meal" at Thomas Keller's elite eatery The French Laundry in Napa, Calif., for the Almost Human actress' 35th birthday. (TMZ was first to report the outing, with photos of the pair at the restaurant.)

Bella Thorne Shows Off Midriff

Bella Thorne is in an all white outfit at the 6th Annual Thirst Gala, and damn does she look good or what? Still, she's got that kind of beautiful but forgettable look, unfortunately. Check out a few more pictures of her in the gallery below:

Jennifer Lawrence is Looking Less Goofy Now

Looks like her night out being goofy was the last of its kind for Jennifer Lawrence. She's decided there's only one kind of look she'll be doing from now on and that is this: CLASS. Check out another shot of her below:

Nicole Scherzinger is on Holiday

Nicole Scherzinger is on holiday and what a bikini she's wearing! She should definitely get more attention though we're not entirely sure what her profession is really about. Check out more pictures of her in the gallery below:

Kaili Thorne Gets Hired by 138 Water

It looks like 138 Water is treading towards a little more popularity now when it comes to the models they select. Now, Kaili Thorne joins the long list of people who wore bikinis and modeled for water, because that's super relevant.

Alessandra Ambrosio Gets Couture for a Fashion Show

Here's one time Alessandra Ambrosio didn't have to work. She attended the Balmain show wearing this outfit. Elegant and cute at the same time. Check it out after the jump:

Bella Thorne Has Got That Pretty But Forgettable Look

You might argue that there's nothing forgettable about Bella Thorne and you may be right, but she's got that standard hot chick look and it's hard to differentiate her from one hot chick to another. Nothing really special, but yet, special still. Get it? Here are more pictures of her:

Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo Have Broken Up

It looks like Nick Jonas doesn't have a reason to be jealous for a while now since he and Olivia Culpo have split up. He just dumped the former Miss Universe 2012 and this is what she wrote on Instagram:

Kelly Rohrbach May Be The ONE For Leo DiCaprio

We're always saying this, and we're not sure if it will ever be true since Leo DiCaprio is as predictable as the lottery. According to the New York Post, Kelly may be the ONE.

Riding through the streets of Midtown on blue Citi Bikes earlier this month, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kelly Rohrbach came to a halt at a red light. The 25-year-old model, wearing sexy white overall shorts, leaned over and locked lips with the scruffy leading man.

Charlotte McKinney is Talking About BJs in Interviews

Charlotte McKinney is getting her time in the sun right now and she was featured in Galore magazine where she talked about something we didn't think she would:

Galore Magazine: Okay, so, tell me this. Don't you feel that pretty girls generally don't have to even have cool personalities? Isn't that a thing? Like, ugly girls will be the ones that have to be funny, and the ones who are good at blowjobs?"

138 Water Gets Model Val Fit This Time

138 Water's endless marketing budget to make their water brand sexy doesn't seem to end, and here's their latest model addition: Val Fit. What do you think? Is this strategy really working?

Joe Jonas Probably Dating Gigi Hadid

We speculated at first, but it looks like it could be real. Otherwise, what other reason could they have to hang out together for more than once?

Chrissy Teigen's Boots Are Hot

Chrissy Teigen was out and about and was seen wearing knee high boots, and damn are they hot or what?! Check out another shot of her below:

Did Kylie Jenner Procure Fake Boobs?

We can't tell for sure, but we're pretty certain that Kylie Jenner got an upgrade in the bosom department. Because those puppies didn't look like that before this. Is she turning more in to Kim right now? Check out the gallery below:

Kate Upton's Glory Days Are Over

This is Kate Upton now. Your eyes are not deceiving you. She's officially gone off the wagon of hotness. What happened here? Did she forget to work out? Is she taking a holiday? Seriously, what happened here?
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