A bikini model, hates wearing bikinis. Chrissy Teigen tells Extra that she's terrified to wear the bikini just like the average woman. And that's why she went into bikini modeling. From Extra:

The Sports Illustrated model may be photographed in swimsuits, but Chrissy Teigen admitted to Extra's Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, she's not a fan of wearing them. When Mario asked the foodie how she stays in such great shape when eating so much delicious food, she said, "I don't." She continued, "Luckily, I do that once a year, I really buckle down and do that, for the most part Chrissy doesn't get in a swimsuit anymore, not even privately." Teigen going on to say there is something about a swimsuit that "terrifies" her."

What do you think of Chrissy Teigen's humble brag?