Who doesn't? Anyway, she's so obsessed with not growing old, she hearts plastic surgery quite a fair bit. Will she eventually turn into one of those botched plastic surgery cases we've been seeing all this while? Let's hope not! From the National Enquirer:

"Demi just doesn't want to get old," dished and inside source. "She's got three kids, she was dumped by a younger guy [ex-hubby Ashton Kutcher] and she can't accept aging. But all this work isn't helping. It's just making her look weird!"

"Until recently, Demi had done well. She never seemed to age," said Dr. Lyle M. Back, who also hasn't treated her. "But her new surgeon seems to have shifted into hyper-drive! She has jacked-up eyebrows, and her lips are filled to capacity. She looks completely different - neither youthful nor better! ... Her cheeks couldn't carry any more filler. When she smiles, it has nowhere to go!"