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Rihanna spent $150,000 throwing a lavish funeral for her grandmother Clara in 2012, and she got 75% off it. But she didn't end up paying it all. What the hell? From TMZ:

Rihanna sent her grandma out in grand style and now the funeral company has sent her a lawsuit.

Clara Brathwaite died in June, 2012. Her body was sent to Barbados for burial, and Rihanna wanted a party, complete with tents, multi-media large screens, huge exotic floral arrangements -- the whole kit and caboodle. But parties/funerals come at a price and the company that threw grandma's final shindig claims the grand total was more than $150,000, and Rihanna paid only about a quarter of that and refused to pay more.

The lawsuit claims Rihanna claimed the bill was exorbitant and she refused to pay the balance. The funeral home claims Rihanna's demands came at a hefty price.

Hard to imagine that Rihanna would stiff someone, a funeral company what more. That's a low blow!
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