Comparing Steel and Fiberglass Doors.

There is no doubt that the front doors in your home play an essential role. For starters, they create the first impression for the entire home as it is the first thing people see when they come to your home. If it is beautiful, they will hope the rest of the rooms are beautiful, but if it is worn out and peeling, you can imagine what will be in their mind even before getting into your home? Fiberglass and steel doors are some of the most used front doors for various reasons which we will see here when comparing them.

So, before deciding whether to choose steel or fiberglass doors for your home exterior door, here are some things you should consider. Remember that these doors are different in many ways, and therefore, they provide different functions.

1. Presentation.

For many people, how the entry door appears matters so much. You can now get fiberglass and steel doors in different colours, textures and stains, and without or with smaller windows.

2. Maintenance.

They say wood doors are beautiful, but then to retain that beauty, you need a lot of maintenance. However, when it comes to fiberglass and metal doors, they are ridiculously low maintenance as opposed to wood, and that is why many homeowners prefer them.

3. Energy Efficiency.

If you are looking to replace your entry doors due to energy efficiency reasons, then you need to opt for metal and fiberglass doors. Robust, long-lasting metal, when combined with foam insulation, can trap heat in your home because you need it during winter.

4. Security.

Entry doors separate you from the outside world, and it makes sense to invest more on it to make sure your property and family are not at risk.

5. Endurance.

Steel doors incorporate incredible long-term value. Apart from being incredibly low maintenance, they are quite durable. Steel does warp or bend easily, so this is the best option for you. Also considering that entry doors get a lot of traffic daily, steel doors is best one to withstand this traffic.

6. Cost.

The price of the door varies depending on many things, but the top of the list is the material making the door. Other factors include the finishing, glass used etc. generally, steel is cheapest. Fiberglass is in between steel and wood. Wood is the most expensive of all. However, you might find some fiberglass doors that are more expensive than wood doors.

7. Steel Doors.

Steel was not a universal entry door ten years ago. Wood dominated every home entry space. However, things have changed so much, and steel and fiberglass entry doors are slowly replacing wood. 

There are many characteristics that steel share with fiberglass.

- Resistance to harsh weather and outdoor elements.
- Little maintenance.
- High energy efficiency, which implies reduced energy bills.
- Less costly than wood doors.

Though steel is mostly used in commercial buildings, it is estimated that they account for at least half of the total windows in the market. Some reasons why people opt for steel doors include: 

- They are cheaper compared to the other options.
- They need little maintenance after installation.
- They offer high security. They are made of steel that can last for many years.
- They are resistant to weather elements. Harsh climate cannot do little to them.

However, they have some limitations. For instance, if a dent occurs in any area, it is hard to repair. They are also prone to scratches and rust, especially if they stay for a long time without repainting.

8. Fiberglass Doors.

There are many reasons why many homeowners prefer fiberglass entry doors.

- For homeowners who want the appeal of the wood windows, but they cannot afford wood windows, they can get the touch of wood from fiberglass. These doors can be painted to appear like real wood.
- They are lightweight- they are lighter compared to wood and metal. Hence are the best doors to install, especially for a senior with a disability. They also open and close quietly without making noise.
- Rust-free- fiberglass entry doors are not prone to rust. That adds to its low maintenance and durability.
- Excellent curb appeal- fiberglass doors mimic the look of wood, and its grains of mahogany can leave you confused, whether it is wood or metal. 

Your choice of entry door will depend on what you need. If your concern is security and low cost, then steel would be best for you, but if you need aesthetic, durability and low maintenance, you will want to choose fiberglass.