If you have wallpaper that you don't want to keep, you can always have that wallpaper removed. Here's a guide from Angi, formerly Angie's List, to help you know what the normal costs are for this kind of project. With this guide from Angi, you'll know if you're being charged a customary amount. 

The Average Cost of Removing Wallpaper
Wallpaper removal costs an average amount of $785. The exact amount you can expect to pay varies with the size of the room and the logistics of removing the wallpaper. You can expect it to cost anywhere from $420 to $1,190. The cost will be around $3 for each square foot of wallpaper. If the job is a particularly easy one, the project may cost just $.60 for each square foot. An average price for a room that is 12' by 12' is $535. Before deciding on a price, your contractor will want to look at the wallpaper and assess the size of the room and can then give you an estimate.

The square-foot price may be raised if there are many layers of wallpaper or the paper is very old. If it takes more time than the contractor originally thought to remove the wallpaper, this can also bump up the price for each square foot. If the drywall was unprimed, with the wallpaper pasted to the drywall, this can also increase the price. Other price increases include needing tall ladders or scaffolding to complete the job, having awkward nooks and other spots to work with, having wallpaper on a stairwell, damage to the drywall underneath and the type of wall that you have and whether it's drywall or plaster. If you have any of those issues, make sure your contractor is aware of them. 

How the Cost Breaks Down
The big cost for wallpaper removal is the cost of the labor to do the job. It's a long process that requires a lot of scraping or steaming. The labor costs can be from $.60 to $10 per square foot, depending on how easy it is to remove the wallpaper, how many layers of paper are there, whether the ceilings are tall, whether a stairway is there and what kind of wall damage is under it. 

The materials cost often depends on how they are removing the wallpaper. They will generally need steamers and scrapers, a solvent for dissolving glue, a perforator, multiple sponges and skim material to do the project. These may cost you from $50 to $100, depending on how much is needed to get the job done. 

The contractor may charge a set price that is by the room, or they may charge you an hourly cost that is generally $30 to $40 per hour. If you have a standard bathroom that needs wallpaper removal, you can expect to pay around $500 to $700. 

Wall Types and Their Costs
It's important to know what kind of condition your walls are in and whether they are plaster or drywall. If the wallpaper is easy to remove and the job goes quickly, you may pay around $3 for each square foot of either plaster or drywall. If it takes a lot more work to get it done and/or there is a lot of damage to the walls, this can go as high as $10 per square foot. 

Plaster walls are often faster to work with, as they won't absorb a lot of water while the wallpaper is being removed. Plaster walls tend to be old, though, and you need to contact a wallpaper contractor who is experienced at working with it. If your home has drywall, the wallpaper can be tougher to remove. Drywall sends to quickly take in water, and this can make the job more difficult. If the drywall is damaged, this can make it even harder. 

If you can't stand to look at your wallpaper anymore, this Angi guide can help you to budget for the job at hand.