When thinking about Zen, what comes to mind? For many people, the idea of a Zen space conjures up images of subdued colors and natural materials. But it’s really not necessary for anyone to spend a fortune in order to create their own personal haven. With just a few inexpensive items from Japandi style, combining minimalistic Scandinavian interior elements as well, anyone can transform their living room into a comfortable and relaxing space that will be perfect for entertaining guests or catching up on some much-needed rest. 

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Adding a Japandi rug in order to create an instant zen vibe 

A Japandi rug is a great way to transform the living room into an instant zen space. A place where people can relax and let the tension go as soon as they enter it, so that any guest will feel this relaxation too. Some people think of them as expensive, but they are actually very affordable. There are so many rugs on sale in thrift shops, for example, or online. 

Japandi rugs are not only great for the living room, but also for any space in the house. They can be used on a terrace, by the pool, or even inside of an office, to create a calming effect and provide comfort during long hours at work. Just can’t make a mistake buying one or two. 

Hang up some calming artwork on your walls

Japandi style is all about simplicity and clean lines. Putting up some calming art on the walls will help keep it simple and clean, but also provide a little visual interest for the eyes to wander around the room and find something new every time someone looks at it. Nature scenes, watercolors and seascapes are perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere in the living room space. There is nothing more relaxing than staring at a painting of a forest or ocean when winding down from the day’s activities.

Place a low table in front of your sofa 

In order for a Zen space to be created, a table that is lower than the sofa would go perfectly in front of it, because it will not obstruct the view from any angle and yet it has enough surface area to hold all of the other stuff, like candles or books.

Accents are essential in Japandi style

Adding some color with throw cushions and pillows on top of the sofa and putting them in contrasting colors, like white and black, will make great accent pieces, but it’s important that they don't blend into each other, for it would look messy. If bright colors are preferred, then it’s a good idea to bring out those bold hues from within - like reds, oranges etc., but it’s important to not overdo it such that all furniture pieces around are not matching at all. There has to be enough breathing space between everything else.

Candles and scented oils are perfect to use for relaxing the senses and softening the mood

Lit candles and scented oils towards the end of the work day are exactly what most people need to set a soothing tone for the night ahead. The calming atmosphere will help to relax, unwind, and shift gears from being busy at work into enjoying the peaceful living room space. Using all three senses -sight, smell, and sound - can be very effective in helping ease stress that comes with getting home after a long day of work.

This makes the diffuser with essential oils a key element for creating an inviting ambiance in the living room. Many people like lavender oil, because it has been shown to reduce stress, help with sleep issues, or simply just provide warmth and comfort, if needed before bedtime. Other scents can also be used, such as lemon grass, which is known for its mood enhancing properties that will give off a refreshing scent throughout the day. 

Using scented candles or burners are another great way to add fragrance into any space. When using these three products together - candlelight, scented oil sprays, and aromatherapy devices – they provide a calming effect that can enhance the mood of the living room space.

Using Japandi style for the living room can easily turn it into an everyday spa experience. This design will make anyone’s house look calm, fresh and inviting, while keeping its minimalistic and modern look at the same time, making it perfect for any taste and preference!