Need a hand decorating around your apartment's flat-screen TV? There is an art form to it. Simply follow our can't-miss tips and tricks.

Flat-screen TVs are the lifeblood of movie nights, gaming tournaments, and impromptu living room dance parties. But they’re also notorious for robbing the space of its aesthetic potential.

The question we hear time and time again is:

What do you do with the awkward empty spaces around the TV?

Modern flat screens are just sleek enough that we don’t have to hide them in bulky cabinets anymore. 

So show it off and help it blend in instead!

Try these seven tricks to decorate the space around your apartment’s flat-screen TV.

Framed Photographs (Gallery Wall)

When it’s tuned into reruns of The Office or a Harry Potter marathon, that 55” flat screen is a genuine, technological masterpiece. But it also becomes an obnoxious black wall stain once it's powered off.

So if you crave an easy but decorative solution, here it is:

Convert the space behind your TV into a full-fledged gallery wall!

Gallery walls are modern marvels in the interior design world. They also show off a collection of your most cherished moments and memorabilia. 

With a touch of symmetry, bold edges, and matte borders, that honking TV evolves from a cringe-worthy eyesore into a new — albeit large — gallery wall addition.

The transformation begins with a trip to the local art store or thrift shop to splurge on decorative frames. The more colors, shapes, sizes, and styles, the better!

Use Lighter-Colored Decor

Sometimes, the best decorating tip is to embrace the natural beauty of all decor and furniture, no matter how unconventional it is.

Get ready for our most daring decorating tip of all:

Turn that unsightly flat-screen television into the living room’s focal point. 

Yes, you read that right! Instead of concealing it behind a curtain or forcing it to blend with other decor, allow your TV to just “pop.” 

The most effortless way to achieve this is with a light-colored backdrop and neutral tones throughout the room. 

What we’re talking about here is:

Beige or light gray slipcovers on the sofa 
Stark white walls
A maple TV stand

It’s really about creating an ambiance to draw attention to the TV. 

Is there anything more welcoming than a room deliberately decorated to feel calm?

Lamps on Either Side

The open space to either side of the TV tends to be the most awkward area to liven up. It’s eerily dim. And it’s often far too narrow to hang large artwork or shelving units without it feeling cramped.

For this one, we leaned on traditional movie theaters as inspiration:

Hang sconce lamps beside your flat-screen for an elegant, calm vibe. Now all that’s left is choosing a set that matches your living room’s aesthetic. 

Here are our favorite lighting ideas to serve as TV bookends:

Long, vertical LEDs work perfectly in narrower slots
Mini lamps bring a sense of homely coziness 
Cube lights add a modern touch of geometry 
Crystal wall lamps can turn your apartment into the Ritz Carlton!

Choose one of these according to your style and the room’s vibe.

Shelving Above and to the Sides

We’ve always assumed that decor had to be practical or artistic. But with the right choice in shelving, you can turn that bland TV wall into a stylish storage solution.

The question is, which style sparks your interest?

Symmetrical floating shelves hung on the left, right, and above can frame that clunky flat-screen TV in a matter of minutes. Of course, they also double as mini displays for your favorite succulents, book series, trinkets, and framed photos.

Honeycomb-shaped shelving units can complement the rustic look remarkably well. They also disrupt traditional interior design concepts.

But never underestimate the design power of a modern entertainment system. 

These massive wall units offer a little bit of everything — discrete cabinets, plenty of shelf space, and a sturdiness that’ll last a lifetime.

Camouflage it Into the Wall

Perhaps the best way to decorate the space around your TV is by downplaying its very existence. Our next decor strategy is to camouflage the flat screen by painting the wall black, navy blue, or another dark hue behind it.

It won’t entirely disappear into the wall. 

Yet, it won’t be the first attention-grabber when guests visit for movie night either.

Dark colors can also trick the eye into thinking a room is larger than it is. So if you’re working with a tight living room, a black accent wall might be the perfect solution.

Tuck a Table or TV Stand Underneath

Wall-mounted flat screens may just be the icing on top of an unforgettable movie experience. Yet, these devices also leave plenty of blank space above, underneath, and on both sides of the TV.

The best way to “fill” that vast under-TV space is also the most traditional — with a rustic or modern TV stand centered on the floor below.

These storage units fill that awkward few-foot gap between the floor and the hung TV. They can introduce plenty of new storage options to display statuettes or your video game collection.

Plus, if your next TV upgrade doesn’t require mounting, you have a stable unit ready!

Don’t … Just Hide It

We’ve already discussed six ways to either help you blend your TV into its backdrop or encourage it to stand out as a focal point. But one of our favorite ways to decorate around a bulky flat screen is by shielding it from view entirely.

How do you do that stealthily?

Here are a few ideas:

Hang a draped curtain rod in front of the TV (from wall to wall) to create a faux wall
Stuff it in a TV cabinet or entertainment center with a door
Install shutters, panels, or sliding barn doors in front of it
Convert a large painting into a disguised flip-up cover

When you host your next elegant dinner party or tea time with friends, you can transform the space into a pre-technology hub.


It seems like everything is an interior design “faux pas” these days. 

What doesn’t help is that decorating trends change like the weather. In 2020, a geometric print rug draping the hardwood floor would make a living room “hip.” This year, cottagecore and floral prints are the textbook definition of “modern.”

If none of the tips above mesh with your personality or style, that’s okay! 

Just find some way to incorporate your flat screen into your decor without it sticking out like a sore thumb.

Author bio:

Caitlin Sinclair is the Business Manager at Anson. With over 5 years of property management experience, she begins and ends each day loving what she does. She finds joy in helping current and future residents and makes Anson a place everyone loves to call home.