Trees are essential aspects of life. They provide the oxygen that we breathe and improve the quality of air. In addition to this, trees preserve wildlife, soil, and also conserve water. Trees, therefore, need to be taken care of by all means. Rather than cutting down trees, they should be trimmed and pruned. Trees also need other services like adding fertilizer to them. There is much importance in doing this. 

Promotes the health of the tree
By pruning trees, the life of the trees is prolonged since the limbs that are diseased or insect-infected are removed before they begin rotting; hence, affecting the tree's overall health. Trimming, on the other hand, improves the appearance of the trees, thus giving allowance to the parts of the tree that are desirable to flourish. The removal of excess branches also increases the production of fruits, leaves, and flowers. The removal of dead wood also gives allowance for the direction of energy towards healthy growth. Adding fertilizer to the tree ensures healthy and fast growth. 

Family protection
Providing the tree service protects the family since those branches that are in danger of falling are removed. These branches and those that are hanging low are dangerous since someone can bump into them and get injured. It also enhances the looks without having to decrease the safety of the family. Hanging tree branches can also cause damage to family property when they fall on them. Those trees that grow without being trimmed can also hit power lines. This could, therefore, cause damage to power lines and can lead to loss of power. Accidental damage is also prevented in the case of a snowstorm or heavy winds. This is achieved through the elimination of the branches that are weak or those that are cracked. Since pruning and trimming help in the prevention of damages, it also saves money. The damage that could have been caused by these trees could have been expensive. The injury that can be caused by the tree is too costly compared to when the trees are taken care of through trimming and pruning. 

Provision of a beautifies landscape
Sometimes, the crown of a tree may become crowded, or its branches might die. Tree service, in this case, allows for the removal of these branches, which then allows for the future growth of the tree. Trimming directs the growth, hence beautifying the landscape. Pruning helps in improving the shape of the tree as well. It also compensates for root loss and a better structure of branches. By trimming the branches that are too high or too low, it also improves the structure and appearance of the tree. Trimming and pruning allow the trees to access proper sunshine. 

Even though providing care services to trees might seem tiresome, the advantages that come with it outdo the effort involved. There are professionals that one can hire to provide the services if they feel they can’t do the job themselves. Letting trees grow wildly influences the appearance of our homes. Everybody who loves healthy trees should consider providing the services discussed above for their trees. Trees that are well maintained creates a good impression on people. Caring for trees is caring for the environment.