You have just been nominated by your friends or relatives to host a barbeque event. You are probably wondering why you have never tended to your lawn yet you have attended dozens of similar events. Even worse, the event is five days away, and you have no idea how you are going to cut the long grass you have always loathed. And, you just realized the amount of money you have is not enough to hire an expert and host the event. 

Worry not, because you aren’t the only one with this problem. Millions of people still don’t know how to go about it. Raleigh Lawn Mowing Service consultants will give you quick tips on how to do it in the shortest time possible.
Step 1: Select the perfect setting and pattern
To cut grass better, go for a higher setting. You have every reason to weed out unwanted plants. If your lawn is too rugged, start mowing from the highest level then lower the blade and redo the step after a few days. Higher mowing height for grass allows a more in-depth root system leaving a better-looking lawn without invasion of weeds. 

Tip: don’t mow when the sun is high above the sky nor when the grass is too wet. This can damage your mower and cause ugly clumps on it. 

Step 2: Avoid Scalping and Sharpen the Blades
To cut down on sharps, you need to direct the mower towards the driveway instead of the lawn. In case you go the scalping way, you will tamper with the crowns of the grass. If you have added fertilizer to it, you will need to wait up to 24 hours before you can mow it again. If you mow it immediately, the fertilizer could interfere with the soil’s pH. So, you need to exercise some patience so that you don’t end up messing it completely.

Tip: only a sharp blade will make precise cuts. So, it is prudent to sharpen it every four to six weeks. Remember to store it in a secluded place to prevent others from getting injured by it. It will also maintain its sharpness.

Unless your lawn is out of control, there is no reason why you cannot hire a mower at a small price to tend to it. Besides saving you on expert’s fees, you will have enough experience on how to care for it, even better. If you care to master a few tricks on how to mow it in the shortest time possible, then you will have an easier time convincing your loved ones to visit you more often. 

The last thing you want as a host is acting nervous every time someone wants to visit you. When the worst comes, consult a friend who has had a first-hand experience to advise you on what needs to be done. Better still, you can swallow your pride and hire the experts to do the job.