Most homeowners understand that they should be watering and fertilizing their lawns if they want them to continue looking and functioning well. Not as many understand lawn aeration or how important the service is to invest in. If you haven't had your lawn aerated before chances are good that you could benefit from the service. By aerating your lawn you can make it healthier and lower the amount of fertilizer you have to apply to it in order to keep it looking good over time. It's a simple procedure but it's something that most homeowners leave up to the pros because they already have the tools and equipment to do the job. 

What is Lawn Aeration?
Lawn aeration is simply adding small openings into your lawn that go from the top down to the roots. This procedure is done by removing small plugs from your lawn all around its surface. These plugs are spaced out carefully in order to give you proper aeration everywhere. A lawn aerator is a special tool that can efficiently aerate your property from one side to the other. 

Why is Aeration Important for a Lawn's Health?
Aeration is an important maintenance task that should be performed on lawns every few years. This is because over time lawns become very thick and overgrown. A layer of thick thatch develops on the surface of your lawn, and that thick surface acts as a barrier to water and nutrients both. Without lawn aeration services or aerating your lawn yourself you will have to invest in more fertilizers than necessary and your lawn will still struggle to get the nutrients it needs. As soon as your overgrown lawn is aerated you'll enjoy a lusher and healthier yard and the condition of your grass will only improve with time. 

Aerating Your Lawn Yourself
If you are interested in aerating your lawn yourself you can get a variety of different tools designed to handle the task. Invest in a push aerator, a pull-behind unit or rent a standalone tool designed for the task. Aerating your lawn takes longer than mowing it, but you won't have to do it nearly as often as you mow. If you buy your own aerator you can make sure your lawn stays aerating every year. With that said, aerating your lawn is a lot of work and many people just don't want to deal with the task themselves. 

Hiring Pros to Aerate Your Lawn
If you would rather leave aerating your lawn to the professionals, consider hiring a company like King Green to do the work for you. We offer a variety of lawn care services, including lawn aeration and reseeding. Our lawn care experts have professional equipment they can use to aerate your lawn efficiently and to treat your yard evenly from one side to the other. While aerating your lawn yourself can take many days, our experts can get the job done fast so you can stop worrying about it. 

Save on Fertilizers and Maintenance Costs
Paying for lawn aeration services is more of an investment than an expense. That's because it will help keep your turf healthier so that you have fewer problems with it in the future. If you care about the appearance of your lawn and you pay for fertilizers and lawn care help you will save money in both of those areas after your lawn is properly aerated. That's because the fertilizer you do use will get down to the roots where it's needed more easily. That means that you won't lose as much fertilizer to water runoff as you normally would. Your lawn also won't need to be reseeded quite as much and it won't suffer from as many issues as it once was. That should help reduce the number of lawn care services that you have to pay for over time. 

Consider Additional Lawn Maintenance Services as Well
Aerating your lawn is the most efficient way to revitalize your lawn and to keep it looking great for many years. It's not the only advanced maintenance task that should be completed for your space though. Consider investing in additional maintenance services to keep your lawn in it's best possible condition over time. By working with a professional company with a proven record for success you can keep your lawn looking and functioning better than ever before. Contact us today and learn about the additional services we offer in terms of lawn care and maintenance.