Here is the Sacred Heart Church in Blackpool. From the outside, the church looks like just another place of worship. Once you step inside, though, you will see that the structure is something quite extraordinary. The unique architecture and design of the building is what sets it apart from other structures.

Most churches tend to look the same as each other, yet this one seems original and modern. Many buildings in the seaside town of Blackpool date back to the 19th Century and this church is no exception. Since the church opened, in 1857, it has attracted many visitors from the region. Few churches have the same qualities as this one, and so it is worth a quick look.

Photo: Michael D Beckwith

Use of natural light

One of the things that you notice right away is the use of natural light in the structure. When you walk through the door, you will find that the church is bright and cheerful. Many old-fashioned churches look dark and dismal inside, and so the fact that this one is light is impressive. The architect here has used a range of techniques to use daylight inside the building. The clear glass windows and skylight help to keep the room looking breezy.

High ceilings

The ceilings of the structure are quite high when you compare them to churches of the time. That in itself makes the building feel spacious. Take a look at and you will see that modern designers tend to use high structures in their work now. You may have seen many buildings that have this style of ceiling. When the Sacred Heart opened, though, it was rather odd for it to have such a high ceiling. At the time, many experts noted that the roof seemed much higher than was standard at the time.

Photo: James Alexander Cameron

Gothic peaks

The Gothic peaks, you can see inside the building, were popular when it opened. During the 19th Century, many British architects took inspiration from European buildings. The peaks that you see here likely mimic some that the architect saw in Rome or Paris. You should take note of the fact that each peak is hand-carved. The designer would have instructed people to sit for hours at a time to craft the perfect peaks for the ceiling of the building.

Contemporary interior

One thing that everyone comments on when they see the church is that the interior design of it is modern. Of course, you will probably have seen hundreds of churches with dark, ancient-looking features. In that respect, the Sacred Heart is quite strange. The interior design uses light colors and orange feature walls throughout its interior. It is worth noting that the design of the building has changed many times since it first opened. Designers revamped the interior of the building in recent years.

Photo: happy_snapper_uk

Light wood pews

Again, you might have seen dark wooden benches in many cathedrals and places of worship. The pews here, in this church, are much lighter than you might expect. That gives the room a natural look, which suits the building itself. In fact, the entire interior is light, and so the pews follow this style.

Excellent details

If you look at the walls and the ceiling, you will see that there are many fine details there. You can see small carvings and engravings around the top of the building. These markings are unique to the structure itself. The architect will have designed each detail to the highest of standards. The light wooden beams, which support the roof, are also focal points of the room. Many visitors comment on the strange structure of these beams.