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A Forex back office, often known as Forex CRM, is the best software for developing strong relationships between brokers and their clients. It is also very useful for generating more leads for Forex business due to its powerful features such as lead management, MT4/MT5 CRM integration, schedule reports, customer support, and more.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jul 24, 2021 22:15
As an aspiring entrepreneur, it can often feel like an overwhelming prospect to consider every factor in your chosen industry. It's typically much better to narrow your focus to help ease the burden, though even then, it can still be quite a stressful time for most. Such is why most entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners should consider having a few tech skills under their belt to make things easier.  Read more
TECH NEWS  Jul 24, 2021 22:07
Online gaming has all grown up. Experts predicted in 2020t hat the global online gaming market is likely to exceed the $200bn mark.   Read more
TECH NEWS  Jul 22, 2021 09:43
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