ThirdLove is an iPhone app that aims to focus on one of the more intimate shopping experiences for a woman: buying a bra. The free app officially launched Thursday.

The app uses computer vision to measure a woman virtually through iPhone photographs. It detects specific physical components and produces data such as measurements needed for a custom-fit bra.

One a shopper takes some photographs she can customize a bra of her choice. She will receive it in the mail inside a silky drawstring pouch wrapped in blue tissue paper.

The company designed not only the app but also the lingerie.

[Photo-processing is] done natively [and] the uses a 128-bit encryptionsaid Spector. The photos taken are not naked pics of people - just a tight fitting shirt.

Shoppers will receive detailed instructions on how to take photos of themselves from an audio and video tutorial, and a voice will explain how to stand and what to wear. ThirdLove currently offers three bra styles, and shoppers can customize the color of the straps, other small details and add matching underwear. The bras range from $45 to $70.

What do you think of this? Would you buy a bra this way?