Most robots don't look like how we want them to. At least not yet. But the Valkyrie defies all the conventional first gen robot looks. It looks like an Iron Man bot! Or a mini Gundam!

NASA's Johnson Space Center revealed its entry in the DARPA robotics challenge. Standing at 6 feet tall, the robot weighs 275 piunds and has two cannon like arms which are interchangeable. Its legs are designed to walk on rough and uneven terrain, and it is equipped with cameras on its head, body, forearms, knees and feet. There's also LIDAR and sonar units for added detection.

The Valkyrie does strike a similar semblance to another DARPA robotics challenger - ATLAS, but unlike the one built by Boston Dynamics, the Valkyrie is designed to be battery powered and can walk around without being tethered to anything.

Watch the video below:[IEEE]