There was a time when a technology named "Bluetooth" or "WiFi" came in the market only for mobiles and computers.
Who thinks one day we will control our kitchen appliances by our android or iPhone?

But believe me, now it is the era of a personal or virtual assistant like Alexa which makes cooking easy as hell.

Attention all beloved Moms. We are all set to introduce some ultimate inexpensive kitchen appliances that make you live comfortably.
Here we go.

1. Hamilton Toaster Oven -$44.99

The first one in the list is the toaster oven combo.
Ever heard of a combo kitchen appliance like this?
As the name sounds, this amazing machine can toast, bake and reheat many things like pizza, chicken, waffles, etc.
The design of this toaster oven makes it a superior product. 2 slice toaster on the top and beneath it you can prepare delicious dishes.
It works like a traditional toaster and oven. The oven holds up to 2 16 inch pizza slices at a time.
Well, I guess the size is compact saves a lot of space in your kitchen.
Not only it is quicker but saves 73% less energy than your regular oven.

What are the varieties of food you can bake/toast/reheat in this?
Well, you can try anything which can be fit in this toaster oven.
For example:
Pizza slices.
Bread slices.
Chicken nuggets
How does this countertop toaster oven work?
It's not rocket science.
For toasting bread:
Slide right the lever to switch to toast mode.
Place bread slices.
Close the glass door.
Adjust the timer by twisting the toast knob.
Wait until the bread pops out.
For bake/heat/cook food:
Slide left the lever to switch to oven mode.
Place your food inside a baking pan.
Close the door.
Set a timer by twisting oven (second) knob.
When it's done, you will hear a beep sound.

2. Joule Sous Vide - Precision cooker - $198

Do you want to cook mouth-watering food in the home like a restaurant-style?
There is a fact behind we never cooked dishes in a professional way.

Dishes like beef, pork, etc. require to cook at a specific temperature.
Generally, most people cooked food at an assumed temperature and think that they are on the right track. But it leads to undercook or overcooking.
Hence, dishes lost their quality taste and tender.
But when you have, this amazing Alexa enabled kitchen appliance; you cooked food like never before. 
I mean you have full control over temperature with this port.
You just need to hook this device into glassware or any pan you're using in your kitchen.
There is a striking feature that you can control by using your phone Bluetooth or WiFi through its app.
Plus, its mobile application contains different recipes with a specified temperature. 
Know the right temperature for your food here.
You can cook food with either two ways:
• By placing your food in a plastic bag and submerged in the container. Example salmon, meat, beef, etc.
• You can also cook raw without a plastic bag. Example: Eggs.

3. OPAL Counter Top Nugget Ice maker - $379.95

Sometimes there is an event when we require ice in a massive quantity like a party, birthdays.
What do you do to get your beer chilled all day?
I guess you can order from an ice factory and carry a heavy load.
But here is the hack, this worthy kitchen appliance produces ice nuggets around 3 lbs at a time in only 20 minutes.
Also, you can schedule the entire operation by connecting through Bluetooth and its application.
Having this device in your kitchen not only solves the problem of ice but enhances the look of the kitchen.
The ice maker comes with the opal water filter, so if you don't have purifier don't worry. It saves you bucks.
Just fill water in the reservoir and turn on and you're good to go.

4. Alexa Countertop Microwave 0.7 CU - $59.99

Have you ever imagine that reheating or defrosting is so easy so that you just relaxing in bed and operate a microwave.
No, right! But from this, it is possible. This microwave is fully integrated with Alexa.
Say "Alexa, microwave 2 OZ of popcorn"
Say "Alexa, add 60 seconds to the microwave"

Note: If you want to get the advantage of voice feature, you need echo device which doesn't come up with this. Have to buy separately. 
Don't think that it can only operate by using voice. You can also use this microwave manually like other microwaves.
Compact kitchen appliances always remain the best. Save us a lot of space and more importantly give your kitchen an ultimate luxurious feel. 
Other features include 10 power levels, a child lock and a turntable to cook all kinds of food.
You need an outlet which handles 700 W power to run this machine.
 How to use the microwave with Alexa?
 1. Plugin the microwave.
 2. Connect to the internet with the Alexa app.
 3. Ask your echo device to start microwaving.
What should I say to Alexa?
Follow this syntax:

5. NutriBullet Balance - Smart Blender - $123.45

Connect, Build, Blend and Track. 
We all are fitness freak and always wanted to consume the right number of nutrients.
But how do you track how many nutrients in a particular food? I guess by following recipes.
Here is a clever way to calculate nutrition and achieving health goals.
NutriBullet is the first smart nutrition extractor having a built-in nutrition sensor.
You can connect this blender through WiFi or Bluetooth. 
Each time you add some ingredient into the machine, it shows calories, fat, carbs, and protein, etc. in the mobile application.
Highly recommend to those persons who make nutritious mouth-watering smoothies.
Note: You can only calculate nutrition before blending. I just mean grab items and drop in.

Note: You can also use this kitchen appliance without your mobile, but then you won't able to track the nutrition.
The mobile application includes recipes to follow for different diets like diabetes, paleo, etc.
The cool thing about this it can blend up to 32 oz of a smoothie at an equal time to 7 servings. So you can refrigerate and drink later.


Yeah, Moms how you're feeling to get to know about these amazing kitchen appliances. I am sure you will definitely grab all of them.
Although as with technology changes, kitchen appliances are become smart and will be smarter in the future.
Stay updated and make your kitchen life easy and comfortable.