Path of Exile will be getting a new update early next month which introduces something a bit different into the game. It might be a RPG but the developer has decided to introduce tower defense into the world this September. The upcoming Blight is included in the free 3.8.0 update next month and will some new content.

Blight league will work like all the other ones added into the games, it will come with a lot more loot to collect and hoard. Players will find a smaller tower defense missions in every zone once the Blight league hits. The new plague to arrive on the continent is a fungal infection and the only sure is to squeeze out the mushroom oils from fungal cysts. Yummy. It only takes a couple of minutes to do that per bloom but waves of monsters will rush along the fungal path to stop you from completing your mission.

During this mode, players still run around to hack up monsters but there are just too many places to defend just by yourself. So placing different kinds of towers along the paths will help to slow the enemies down, deal damage and stall them until you are able to run over and finish off the enemy. As you work through the Blight missions, they will become more difficult and they will have more fungal paths for enemies to march down. Meaning you will have more to manage and deal with at once.

Naturally, there is a load of loot as a reward. Every fungal path or tendril that you successfully defend will give you a treasure chest at the end of the mission. Additionally, the fungal extractor also gives some special oils that can be used to anoint your jewelry to give you a few buffs. There is a unique set of Blight gear that loot hoarders can search for and attempt to collect if they wish by completing different Blight missions which can also be anointed with extra skills. The missions will also extend into the Atlas of Worlds endgame with endgame Blights being full of tendrils and potential loot hauls.

Grinding gear is a big part of the game and tweaks are coming to how endgame's optional daily side mission work. Players will be able to save them to complete them as they like instead needing to rush to completion.

In the past, Path of Exile leagues have be removed from the game but Legion, the current league, will remain in the game. There no news regarding if Path of Exile currency will ever be added to the game, players must still barter with currency items instead. It will be interesting to see how Blight impacts the system with all the new loot and goodies.

For those who have been missing their powerful Poison Assassin characters will be pleased to hear that they are getting a small buff alongside Mine Saboteurs also. Summoners will also be getting some changes to give them a helping hand up. Full details of these class changes will be released with the patch notes but for now, it's a good sign for fans of these classes.

Update 3.8.0 will release on September 6th for PC gamers. Console Path of Exile fans will receive it a few days later on September 9th which might upset some but this does mean console players can see what works in the new tower defense mode according to the PC players. Like with all other updates, Blight will be free to for all players to enjoy as soon as it launches for each platform.