If you are a voiceover actor on the go or on a budget, do not fret! Success is within your reach. We have rounded up 5 essential apps for both Android and iOS devices that will allow you to record and edit clips, give you access to professional voiceover actor tools from around the globe, and more importantly allowyou to have some fun while building your voiceover career.

Vocal Warm Up by Musicopoulos

If you are serious about becoming a successful voiceover actor, then you must improve your vocals. This is where the Vocal Warm up app comes in. it is an app that is designed for singers, but it has many vocal exercises that voice actors can benefit from including trills, breath control, and sirening. It is a paid app that any voice actor looking to improve their vocals and prepare for recording sessions should use.


iAudition is a popular app that is designed for voiceover professionals by seasoned voice actors. The app is great for voiceover actors on the go. The app allows users to store their audio recordings as mp3 files, and allows them to edit tracks, and send to agents and casting directors without the use of a computer or a studio console. The app is quite versatile and easy to use, and it has remained the top voiceover apps for voice actors.

TwistedWave Audio Editor

This is designed for iOS users that offers an intensive sound editing on their iPhone. It is a highly rated app that ispacked with features that allow users to apply a wide range of effects and editing settings to their audio recordings. This easy-to-use app can add effects like pitch shifts and fade-ins, standard editing tricks like redo, undo, copy and paste, and can save samples in a variety of file formats including MP3, WAV, and FLAC. Also, it allows file sharing to Dropbox or Box.com.

Easy Voice Recorder

Every voice actor needs the right tool to record and edit tracks. The Easy Voice Recorder for Android is a top choice when it comes to voiceover apps for professionals and small companies. One of the main selling points of this app is its clean and user-friendly interface, and the recordings are of great quality. You can upgrade to the pro version which gives users access to more features like file sharing, Bluetooth capabilities, and more.


This is an amazing app that makes the life of a voiceover artist easier. Unlike the apps reviewed above, iPerform is designed to help voiceover artists organise and schedule their activities. It acts as your assistant, helping you keep track of your voiceover career. Everything from booking auditions to finances and contacts is covered, keeping you better organized. The app keeps track of demos submitted and alerts you when you need to follow up on an agent or casting director.

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