Web hosting can be a painstaking process for entrepreneurs venturing to get their business online for the first time. If your website is underperforming, it can directly affect your site’s credibility and profit. Your chosen hosting provider can drastically impact your bottom line, so if you’re tired of experiencing too many red flags, it may be the right time to find a new web hosting provider.

Here are the top reasons you should consider moving from a shared to a dedicated server.

You fear that your site’s security is compromised. The larger or popular the website is, the more vulnerable it gets. Your site collects sensitive customer information over time, so it’s advisable to utilize a dedicated server compared to a shared host. When a website in your shared server is attacked, it’s also possible for your site to get attacked as well since you share the same features and security functions.

Your site is loads very slowly. Every business website's goal is to rank high in Google search. To do this, you need to enhance its loading speed. Google’s SEO regulation includes speed to rank a website. Different servers have different loading speeds. Dedicated servers can optimize your site’s load in milliseconds.

You’re running out of storage space. As your business grows in size, you’ll naturally update your site assets, including images, videos, files, etc. This will use your site’s storage space, meaning you’ll need more. A dedicated server will help you get more storage space and bandwidth, which will boost the number of users that you can host.

You need to update your site to suit customers. Different customers will have different requirements. Shared hosting servers won’t allow you to attend to your customers’ needs since it won’t permit you to freely customize the website to their needs. On the other hand, getting a dedicated server will enable you to root access your website and customize it however you want to meet your customers’ needs.

So, how does your current host provider measure up?

There are several takeaways that every business must consider when choosing or retaining a hosting provider. Here are a couple of questions to ask regarding your web hosting provider:

Is my information secure?
Does your provider provide the performance you need?
Can your provider accommodate your growth?
Do they give you the support you deserve?

Indeed, any relationship requires give and take and your relationship with your hosting provider shouldn’t be any different. It’s for you to determine if what you are receiving in exchange for what you’re giving is worth it.

Now that you know when it’s time to consider moving hosting providers, the next step is to find the right one. There are many out there, but you should favour VPS hosting that covers all the considerations in this article to give you the maximum benefits of a dedicated server.

Remember, you’ll need to assess the situation of your website before getting a dedicated website server. If you are already having hitches and are not getting the right value for your money, it’s high time to move sides. Best of luck!