It seems these days that gaming has never been so popular. People are streaming their gameplay online and showing off their skills, and many dream of being a professional gamer where the stakes are high and the money prizes are even higher.

Whether this gaming is through online casinos, or through ESports if you are going to make a living out of being a gamer you need to improve your skills and keep them at a high level. Here are some things you’ll need to work on to make yourself a better gamer and find that success you dream of:

Hand-Eye Coordination

Whether you are playing a MOBA or are playing the latest first-player shooter, you need to have good hand eye co-ordination. The ability to get the shot off before your opponent does can be the difference between being ahead of the game, or being the one who has to accept defeat.

How do you improve your hand-eye coordination? The answer to this is most importantly to not play tired. This is one reason that many high energy drinks associate themselves with gaming. These drinks can give you the added energy burst you need to keep yourself motivated. The best way to keep your skills in shape though is to get the rest you need, and get plenty of practice.

Skill vs. Instinct

No matter how much you practice, if you are good at a game there will be a level of instinct as to how you play. Whether it is that gut feeling  when you check bingo games online or that feeling you get when you know you can get a head-shot, you’ll know that feeling well. Practice and skill does help a lot, but instinct is born from that skill and will reign supreme.

Keeping Fresh and Sharp

We mentioned energy drinks before, but in truth this is not the best way to keep yourself sharp. Keep yourself well rested, make sure your eyes are not tired and most importantly keep yourself sharp. Your health will always be important when it comes to professional gaming, that is where you truly find that edge.