Our phones provide us an endless means of communication. Whether you are getting a new phone, or looking to upgrade your existing model, here are the top 5 accessories that you need for your phone: 

1. Phone Case: As important as our phones are, they are unfortunately very fragile. Protect your phone with a plastic or wooden phone case. The wooden phone case is the latest trend in phone cases and is both durable and stylish. For extra personality, consider adding a themed case. 

2. Card Holder: Keep all of your important things in one place with a card holder. Now you can get the newest iPhone 7 card holder- or an older model, depending on the type of phone that you own. 

3. Wallet Case: If you need a bit more room, something bigger may be best -iPhone 7 plus wallet case is on the market and available for users. A good wallet case can also double as a handbag for a night out where a bulky purse or back pack will get in the way. 

4. Car Mount: With new laws about hand held devices taking effect, a car mount for your phone is an absolute must have- especially if you are constantly on the go. Try to place your car mount near eye level so that you minimize looking away from the road. 

5. Screen Protector: Depending on the type of plastic or wooden phone case you choose, you will most likely need a screen protector. Our phones are mostly made up of giant screens which run the risk of cracking or getting wet. A broken screen can be expensive to fix and may require you to buy a new phone- so a screen protector is a good investment. 

There are many ways to personalize your phone with apps and accessories. What you buy is ultimately up to your taste and specific needs, but these accessories are handy for any style.