The trend these days when it comes to mobile devices is often to go larger. This is to make the screen big enough for us to use the apps we’ve downloaded. Whether they are games or an entertainment app like Netflix, it does seem that size matters. This is why you’d think that the Smartwatch isn’t really the best choice if you are looking to play games.

The truth is though, because these watches use the iOS and Android operating systems, they can also play the games that we love. Imagine playing Candy Crush Saga on your wrist? This is now possible but this does come at a cost. When you look at the choice of games, you’ll find that there are less available. This is because many games have a certain requirement of a minimum resolution. Smartphones with the smaller screens have a smaller resolution, resulting in a restriction of what can be seen on the screen.

What this means is that if developers are going to get games onto these devices, then they have to re-think how the games work. This is exactly what is being done, as many people who buy these watches obviously want to play games. Whether it be Candy Crush Saga, or get more with no deposit bingo they want to have the choice to play.

Another aspect that has to be considered with the smartphone game is that they should be bite-sized games, not something that is going to hold your attention for too long. A screen that size does restrict your attention span, but given the right scenario where the game only asks for a few taps or swipes on the screen, this is perfect for a smartwatch.

Smartwatches may have some way to go before they become popular for games, but they are starting to show promise. If the devices are going to become as popular as their smartphone counterparts, they have to be able to compete when it comes to apps like games. The question is, can they?